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WARNING! YAHOO is blocking our emails.

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  • Monday 14th September 2020 12:31 PM

Unfortunately it seems that some members are NOT getting their activation emails from the ActivityBookGenerator, and also, not always seeing the replies from our support desk.

We are trying to deal with Yahoo on this, but because we had so many join and get emails, Yahoo decided we were possibly spammers. UGH! (And they are a nightmare to try to contact, their report links don't even work).

1) Please consider using an alternate email such as a gmail account which doesn't block us the same
2) always check your spam/junk folders (with ANY provider)
3) Add members <> (remove the <> and all spaces to make that a proper email) and also support <>@ to your address books.

I promise we never spam.

*PLEASE* make note of the ticket number here that you submit, in case you do not get any email responses (because we respond to EVERY ticket).

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