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Activity Book Generator Account Not Active

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  • Tuesday 1st September 2020 10:38 PM

Having trouble accessing your ActivityBookGenerator account, OR that it still isn't activated? Please read these two important steps to help us both out :)

Issue #1: Did your receipt state you can log into your account... but it just doesn't work? Or it says it doesn't exist if you try to reset your password?

Solution: We seem to be having an issue with warriorplus talking to our site properly, and we're working on that. (An upgrade took place Monday on our software which we think caused the issue).

Can you please follow these instructions:

1) go to https://members.activitybookgenerator.com

2) Click to sign up... YES it will show to sign up to a paid level, but it WILL NOT take you to payment so ignore that, just select the level you paid at to create the account.
WHEN YOU DO - it will give you a "Payment error". IGNORE THAT.

3) When done - please allow us time to activate your account. If you create the account overnight for example and we're offline, it may take up to 12 hours for approval.

Issue #2: You have your account created, but it's not active yet, you can't access anything other than the dashboard. Every time you try to do something, you get an error that you aren't a paid member.

Solution: YOU ARE! Ignore that. It simply means (like the above), we may not have activated your account just yet.

We check hourly during the day for activations, but sometimes we're offline (i.e., late evening, sleep.... weekends).

So please do allow us the time to activate your account.

How to tell if we've activated it?
(1) you should get an email telling you that a payment has been added onto your account (or something similar)
(2) Refresh once in a while, and scroll below the welcome video. There you will see if your account is showing as paid or not :)

IF it has been more than 12 hours (Monday to Friday), please submit a ticket to us here. If you submitted on a weekend, while we don't usually work weekends, we DO try to check in to keep up with it, so please bear with us.... but if you still aren't activated by Noon Monday (Eastern), definitely shoot us a ticket!!

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